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Our Mission

Starve out fear and incubate purpose-led leadership in Black and Latinx girls in Middle-School and High-School (Grades 6th-12th).


We aim to rectify issues that are attributed to trauma by providing access to mental health services, self-enrichment courses, and mentorship to high school and middle school Black and Latinx girls. As a healing-centered organization, we intend to increase the number of mentally and emotionally sound leaders and encourage a future pool of diverse and capable leadership through our programming and curriculum.


Contrary to traditional Black or Latinx girl empowerment organizations, the TrueRose Incubator® will focus intentionally on both Black and Latinx girls' mental and emotional health and wellbeing as they understand their leadership identity. We provide a space where girls receive free, and accessible therapy and life coaching services to increase the quantity and quality of future Black and Latinx women leaders within the corporate and entrepreneurial sectors.

Core Values

We hold true to the following core values to which we base our programs, mission, and attitudes around. "Starving out fear" means dismantling every obstacle within our circumstances that create mental, emotional, and economic challenges in our journey towards full potential!

We value true resilience, overcomersself-efficacy, and empowerment.


We adapt to adversity and actively set out to mentally & emotionally bounce back from difficult situations.


We prevail in spite of opposition, difficulties, and weakness by gaining control and pushing forward!


We believe in our capacity to gain the skills, tools, behaviors, & resources necessary for success.


We intentionally become stronger and more confident in our ability to be mentally & emotionally healthy leaders.

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