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Event Recaps/Reviews

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Event Recaps

Check out our event recaps!

We love finding creative ways to get the community involved in supporting the girls and women that we serve. Who said making a difference in the community shouldn't be fun and educational. Be sure to subscribe to our page or volunteer to see how you can get updates and get involved!

Black Summer Fashion Show

August 27, 2022

We do not own the rights to the music in this video.

Event Reviews

"I enjoyed myself so much at the TrueRose Incubator retreat founder Nichelle Nuells it was so amazing, not only did we spend time with each other and love on one another but prayer, breakthrough, and deliverance happened! And divine connections, that taught us so much about business! Thank you for letting me be a part of this!"

Kyana Shearn

"My mentor believed in me, she didn’t give up on me, and I keep repeating that she pushed me because sometimes that’s all we need is a little push to get through those hard times. I no longer look at things as a negative I look at them as lessons and I learn from them."

Pamela Beaver

“The retreat was awesome the experience was necessary for my good. How pleasant to dwell with others who have lived with the same encounters and delivered confirmation.
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