Meet Our Founder

Nichelle Nuells's Story

Growing up I never underestimated the impact of the influential black women in my life. My mom was the first of 16 children to get a college degree. She went from passing bodies on the way home from school in the Jordan Down Apts. in LA, to making an impact on the lives of so many in her career today (AND excelling in school all with 5 kids!). For me, there was no, "if I can" it was, "when I do". For this reason, every obstacle I encountered was just another small challenge in my journey.  However, I know that I was one decision away from haveing a different story. Being exposed to leaders and powerful role models has made such an impact on my life and my idea of what is possible, that I feel it is my "why" to disarm the power of obstacles and help to build a community that exposes black and Latinx women to a world of possibility and opportunity.

Unsurprisingly, representation has more of an impact on Black and Latino women in leadership more than any other ethnicity! Also, in recent research, Black and Latinx girls tested highest on the Roets Leadership Scale but most stated that social factors such as racism and sexism contributed to their lack of interest in leadership roles. TrueRose Inc. is a youth social services organization designed to enrich the minds of and inspire young minority women through the power of inspiration, transformation, and representation and to bridge the gaps that exist between young minority women and leadership roles.

I believe that to reach our true collective potential it’s important that every person despite race or gender be empowered by their purpose enough to walk confidently into any room and know that they have the capacity to lead. That is why here at TrueRose, Inc. we believe in identifying passions, pursuing purpose, and stepping in position to lead!

Thank you,

Nichelle Harper-Nuells, MPS